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Combo (Cash and Future)

Combo (Cash and Future)

The combo pack include recommendation of cash and future segment research based intraday calls up to Excellence  accuracy and 2-3 calls will be provided. The sector-wise calls are also availed according to clients need. The calls accuracy can be judged in our free trial.

Our Features:

  • 4-5 Indra day calls/day will be provided.
  • Proper follow-ups and level update 
  • Calls will be given only on SMS or Messenger
  • During market time live support will be Given by Executive. 

Demo Calls:

Follow up Calls:


  • Demo calls are mentioned just to make you aware of the pattern of the advice. Number of calls and risk reward can be vary as per market scenario. Investment in securities is subject to market risk. Terms & Conditions apply.


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