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HNI Equity

HNI Equity

HNI Equity service is a fully customized plan. In this service we provide our clients accurate and timely intraday and short term best stock advice which drives them to make maximum profit from the equity market.HNI Equity service is specifically designed for Investors/ Traders who would like to earn optimum returns from various market opportunities by intraday trading and short term investment. Timeliness and accuracy are our pillars of strength. For this reason we accept a specific number of clients each month to ensure that each HNI client gets the full attention in a timely manner. We offer this service to the limited clients as per suitability of their risk profiles for HNI services.

Our Features:

  • Advice will be given in stock cash/ F&O as per market opportunity.
  •  Proper follow-ups and level update 
  •  Calls will be given only on SMS or Messenger
  •  During market time live support will be Given by Executive.
  •  Proper entry exit level.
  •  Proper follow ups, news and information.
  •  Proper track record of advice will be maintained.

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